Are you wondering who Starmond  Silver is? Well here is a brief description of who he is.

Starmond Silver formerly known as P.O.G is a Kenyan born song writer and performing artist.He has a great passion for music and really gifted in lyrical writing and live performance.

Starmond silver
Starmond silver
All said and done, here is the news that makes our headline.Tobias Mutia also known as P.O.G has changed his stage name from P.O.G to Starmond Silver. He says that his decision is not just a matter of identity, but it came as a result of prayer and meditation plus consultation with various stake holders in music industry. 

“This is one of those very crucial decisions that most artists fear taking thinking that they might lose their current fans.But branding is not a joke, sometimes you have to risk knowing that there are great benefits ahead.”  

Says Starmond.

“There is a lot in store that my fans should watch out for this year, I promise not to disappoint now that I’m under new management. Bongo Gospel is my thing and I believe I’ve got what it takes to take over from Willy Paul and Bahati who most Kenyans describe as jokers in the gospel industry. My music is more mature.”

 Well let’s wait and see what this young fellow has to deliver. 


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