Willy Paul claimed to have been chased out of CITAM Valley Road Church during Ignition Night.

Gospel musician Willy Paul also know as Pozee has been on the limelight for some positive and negative reasons in the recent past.

Recently claims were all over social media that the controversial Pozee was chased out of Church at CITAM Valley Road Church during Ignition night that happened on 22nd September. 

But clarifying the matter, the events manager and radio presenter James Mahmi issue a statement to the media as it it follows;

“I need to Clarify some rumours spreading on social media that we chased Willy Paul from Ignition Night on Friday.

It is sad to see some posts on Facebook and WhatsApp yesterday and today stating that Willy Paul came to Ignition night to listen to the word of God and we chased Him from Church.

During the Ignition night last Friday at Citam, I got information while on stage, that He was around and was requesting to sing, and that God had spoken to Him to come for the Ignition. At that moment I could not call him considering so many factors, And we were about to have the preacher. Later on i went to see Him for clarity but was told he Left after getting inpatient.

I personally don’t know why people are becoming so judgemental about this matter since we didn’t even have a word with Willy Paul and I never saw Him eye to eye!!
If he came to Listen to the Word, He should have come directly to Church, Not the Guests Room which only the band were present at the moment.
We have nothing against Willy Paul.”

Willy Paul himself has since not reacted to this claims.